Willy is a mixed media/textile artist.

I let my hands do the thinking and give the materials all the space they need.

My work begins with sketches created by images or memories of things which I am moved by.
Sometimes it is a word that inspires me. Or an idea comes from the material.
A sudden clear idea can come from a nice dust rag, splendid yarn or a beautiful piece of antique lace.
My intuitive working process usually leads to a satisfactory fine end.
Seams do not exist in my vocabulary. This way I give the material space to be true to itself.
I do not think consciously, my hands lead a life of their own. They know what threads are needed, catch the right dust rag and make the correct push.

What I actually make are paintings, with the colour, structure, expressive strength and brilliance of textile.
I strive for renewal by use of other material a.o. photographs/paper/paperboard/tyvek in my textile paintings.

What I also make are textile collections, which I process in art books and boxes.

Furthermore I make acrylic resin paintings with a lot of structure.

I have regular group and solo exhibitions in the Netherlands.

I hope you enjoy watching my website.

Willy Schut


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